Pre OFSTED Inspections

We all know how stressful those dreaded OFSTED Inspections can be and the importance our parents give to them. Working Internationally can mean that we lose touch with the requirements of the curriculum. Perhaps we have a large number of Non Uk teachers who might be new to the Curriculum. If we wait for the inspection we run the risk of getting a poor report this can have a devastating effect on our school.

If you subscribe to our inspection service we will send our team of supporters to your school and not only will we identify you areas of concern, we will also provide the necessary training to your crew.

Teacher Training

How many Non UK trained teachers do you have on staff? Have you got the time or resources to provide training? Do you have the budget to send them to UK based training?

Allow Curriculum Support to provide you teacher training in house, we will provide you with a package tailored to your needs and delivered by our expert supporters.

Examinations and Assesments

Curriculum Support provides an external examination assessment service for Primary schools. Our assessments are to international standards at a fraction of the cost of external SATS.